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              About Us

               BOSIDA STARCH TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established in March 2000. Our company which mainly specializes in starch machinery production operates the range which covers starch production projects, the complete production line and the technical solutions about starch that is made of potato, tapioca, sweet potato, wheat and other grain(rice).The company is located at the south of Ruyi economic development zone in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. The total factory site is covering an area of 46,000 m². And the workshop area covers about 10,000m². We have the top-ranking facilities and technical equipment among the domestic and oversea starch industry.[View All]

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            2. BE Bucket Elevator
              BE Bucket Elevator
              Description: Starch equipment
            3. HC Series Hydrocyclone
              HC Series Hydrocyclone
              Description: Starch equipment, washing hydr
            4. RU Series Super Rasper
              RU Series Super Rasper
              Description: Rasper,Starch equipment,cassav
            5. ST Series Starch Storage
              ST Series Starch Storage
              Description: Starch equipment
            6. SC Screw Conveyer
              SC Screw Conveyer
              Description: Starch equipment
            7. RF Series Rotary Filter
              RF Series Rotary Filter
              Description: B.START Starch equipment
            8. HC Series De-sanding Cyclone
              HC Series De-sanding Cyclone
              Description: Starch equipment
            9. PB Belt Conveyer
              PB Belt Conveyer
              Description: Starch equipment
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